Christopher Reeve
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Christopher Reeve became famous for his starring role in the Superman movies. He emerged as a true American hero when a near-fatal horseback riding accident left him paralyzed and unable to breath.

Tributes and Condolences
famous author actor christopher reeve   / Samantha Jane Smith (fan of christopher reeve )
hello I am Samantha Jane smith I am 26 years old and I am English and I am a big fan of Christopher reeve and Christopher reeve will be sadly missed by me and all of us from Samantha Jane smith from England
RIP Christophe Reeve   / Ana Silvestre
I'am a Christopher Reeve's fan since child. I always admired him for being a man with much courage and force. When I knew about his death was shocked. Because the world had finish of losing a great man, that so much fought by the cure of hi...  Continue >>
A superhero in real life   / Alba Velásquez (Admirer)
He was an excellent actor, but the most important is, that he was an EXTRAORDINARY PERSON. We will never forget Christopher, he's an example for all.
Remember  / Hazel Thomas (Fan)
Will always remember you, you are the best ever Superman
First George then Christopher my heart goes out to all of their Family and Friends   / Ron Halder (Superman Fan )
To: All superman fans from the 50's to the 80's you will all be missed my Love goes out to all their family and friends
Superman actress remembers Reeve  / Susannah York (Superman co-star)    Read >>
Our Superhero  / The Miller Family     Read >>
we wont forget you superman  / Heidi Brady (fan)    Read >>
You will always be Superman  / Roberto Chavarria (FAN)    Read >>
There is just to much to say. Thank you!  / Emily Moner (devoted fan )    Read >>
my hero / Jessica G. (a fan and a person with an SCI)    Read >>
You will be missed. / Sharon Angel (Fan)    Read >>
Bless You / Hy Braverman (Fan)    Read >>
What a wonderful human being / Tracy Steen (Fan)    Read >>
Best superman ever / Robin Hillyard (fan)    Read >>
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SUPERMAN in Gotham City
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